Wednesday, January 29th 2020

Maria Callas Radio

Maria Callas (1923 – 1977) more than any other singer of the 20th century, exerted a dominant influence on the Italian operatic repertory and style of performance. Even the most critical detractors of her voice, and there were many, had to acknowledge this influence and the awesome range of her musicality. Indeed, Callas was not just a singer, but a musician whose instrument was the voice. Much of good operatic tradition was created by great conductors, many of whom Callas had the great good fortune to work. Tullio Serafin, Victor de Sabata, and Arturo Toscanini worked with Callas to perfect the word and note to bring out the intention of the composer. Callas was a daring and courageous performer who often courted disaster in order to achieve vocal and dramatic verity. To Callas, the composer was the prime authority. She never sacrificed the composers intentions and indications to suit her gifts, but rather put her gifts to the complete service of composer and his art.

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